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Alum Keeps Momentum Going With Gifts

Gary Roberts

Gary Roberts created a scholarship to recognize his time at TCU and honor his parents.

For Gary Roberts ’80, the Texas Christian University campus of the late 1970s was a great place to be: late-night bull sessions about the meaning of life in the Tom Brown library; quiet, reflective times at Frog Fountain; “study” breaks at Ol’ South; and cheering on the then-struggling Horned Frogs at Amon G. Carter Stadium.

“It was fantastic,” he says. “I found out so much about who I am—spiritually, socially, professionally and intellectually.”

Gary’s wonderful TCU experience, which earned him a bachelor’s degree in international relations and set him on a path to a law degree and a career with Fox in Los Angeles, was made possible through a scholarship. He wants to provide a similar “hand up” to future generations of Horned Frogs, specifically those from his home turf of West Texas.

“I established a scholarship some years ago to honor my parents, as well as to try to repay TCU in some small way for what it had given me,” he explains. “More recently, as I did my estate planning, I saw a clear path to endowing a Chancellor’s Scholarship by including the scholarship honoring my parents in my estate plan. I immediately knew that was the right thing for me to do.”

Gary also plans to continue making gifts to this scholarship throughout his lifetime.

While he enjoys receiving notes from the students who benefit from the scholarship each semester, Gary’s contributions to the University don’t end there. He’s been a guest lecturer, serves on the Chancellor’s Advisory Council and participates in the ever-growing Horned Frog network in Hollywood, which provides information and contacts to students to help them break into the entertainment business.

“I do my best to be available to help students in the same way that so many helped me along the way,” he says. “As a bonus, we’ve gotten some great interns at Fox!”

For Gary, a TCU scholarship made “possible the impossible,” allowing him to fulfill his aspirations and in turn help others.

“It feels amazing to repay a debt that I thought could never be paid,” he concludes. “TCU has contributed so much to the many good things in my life. It is a blessing to be able to pay it forward.”

Like Gary Roberts, you can make a gift to TCU now and in the future. ContactTCU Gift Planning at 817.257.7299 or to learn more.