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Providing Horned Frogs a Strong Foundation For Success

Lindy Segall

Lindy organized and directed the first chapter of the Student Foundation.

"Lucky Lindy" (Lynn D.) Segall '74 believes he and other Horned Frogs have an obligation to give back to the University because they have benefitted greatly from those who've gone before them. Another reason? "The joy we get from watching lives unfold after graduation, knowing we made a difference."

With that in mind, Lindy established a gift in his will that allows TCU to receive a portion of his estate to fund the Segall Family Endowed Scholarship to honor his parents and their commitment to education. The scholarship will benefit an undergraduate studying engineering or business.

Now settled in the Texas Hill Country, Lindy grew up on the banks of the Colorado River west of Austin, Texas. "TCU was not on my radar, initially. I was invited along by my best friend's parents to an orientation weekend," he explains. "I fell for the small, community-like campus setting, the 'where the West begins' cowboy culture and the opportunity to study pre-law under a brilliant adjunct instructor at the Neeley School."

Lindy earned a BBA in "four memorable, richly rewarding years." While a student at TCU, he formed and captained intramural football and softball teams, was an RA, participated in Bryson Club, Campus Alumni Board (forerunner of the Student Foundation) and the 1973 Centennial Celebration.

Lindy Segall

Lindy was an officer of the board, the forerunner of the Student Foundation.

Lindy enjoyed his small classes and ready access to professors and advisors. "I've always maintained that TCU granted me a 'hunting license' to go explore the big world beyond," he adds. "I believe that higher education provides us choices, helps us make better life decisions, teaches us to think objectively, and ultimately, to make a difference in the world — not just a living." His estate gift will provide future Horned Frogs a strong academic foundation to build the knowledge, outlook and confidence they need for success in life.

In 2014, this former rancher downsized to Fredericksburg, where he enjoys mentoring youth, newspaper reporting, independent film, community theater and live music. What's he most proud of? "That I paid back every dime my Dad loaned me to go to TCU, with interest," he says. "And that all six of the business enterprises I helped found are ongoing today."

His current passion is bringing to life a musical theater production about the Women Airforce Service Pilots. Among these pioneering women was his late mother, who served the country in World War II.

Mindful of sharing the success made possible through his TCU education, Lindy created an endowed scholarship that will help future students take advantage of all the University offers: small, diverse classes, acclaimed professors and thought provoking programs and internships. It seemed to be the perfect way to honor his parents, impact society for the greater good and give graduates a better start in life without the immense burden of college debt.

"My hope, my prayer, is that any financial contribution I might provide now and through an estate gift will not only support a young person's dreams, but also further THEIR intention to make a difference."

You, like Lindy, can inspire future generations to achieve their dreams and make a difference. Contact TCU Gift Planning at 817.257.7299 or